Blacks, elderly, and moderate voters avor Joe Biden

Mark Tolliver, Opinions Editor

In current news, former Vice President Joe Biden has the state of South Carolina and it is big news everywhere! With this victory, we take a look at the idea that black voters, older voters and moderates charge and favor Joe Biden and his platform.

Former Vice President Biden, 77, is a democratic political leader who has political experience under his belt. Biden worked from “low” to “high” on the pyramid; he began his political career locally by serving districts and worked his way to the federal level as the 47th VPOTUS and now as a candidate for the 46th POTUS. Biden served as a Senator of Delaware from 1972-2009 and before that he was serving two years at New Castle County Council in Delaware from 19070-1972. Biden’s early life, career and personal life is open and Biden is a very transparent person. Biden is running his current campaign based on the legacy of the eight years he served along with Former POTUS Barack Obama; Biden decided to continue that legacy and advance the issues of healthcare and climate crisis.

On the issue of healthcare, Biden is very liberal and for the people. In July 2019, Biden proposed a healthcare plan as an extension from Obamacare that causes private policy insurance companies to be more affordable. The new plan also has an option of ‘public option’ that people can buy into. Biden is giving the main priority to the individual yet offering a plan for all.

Biden is focused on climate change and developed a plan in June 2019, that allows $1.7 trillion set us on the path to eliminate net gas emissions by 2050. He is looking to address renewable-energy infrastructure and climate change. Biden also calls for a ban on oil and gas permits on public land.

The economy and current state of our country is another important issue and boosting the middle class is one of Biden’s main campaign pointers. Biden believes that ‘we need a country that rewards work not just wealth.’ Biden is pushing for a $15 minimum wage, reverse the tax cuts from the Trump Administration and expand the affordability of education.

Biden won about three in five every black voter in South Carolina and that milestone exceeded Bernie Sanders who received one in five black voters. South Carolina vote was the first state with a majority black electorate to weigh in on the Democratic fight.

With Biden, having a great background in politics and his views favoring most voters today, he is in a good state in the upcoming 2020 presidential election.