It is now Biden vs. Bernie

Samuel Ogali , Courier Staff

After a decisive victory in South Carolina, former Vice President Joe Biden got the rejuvenation and momentum his campaign very much needed going into Super Tuesday.

Before South Carolina, Biden had placed in fourth and fifth place in Iowa and New Hampshire and barely came close to Bernie Sanders’ margin in Nevada even though he came in second place. Many people believed Biden’s campaign was very much over but with influential South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn’s endorsement and a strong performance among African-American voters and older voters, Biden showed that he could build a strong and formidable coalition of voters.

From then on, candidates like Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar quickly suspended their campaigns and endorsed Biden’s candidacy, sending a clear message that they believed he was the best candidate to go against Sanders for the Democratic Party’s nomination. Polls before showed Sanders’ with a comfortable lead in states such as California and Texas and a contesting chance in states like Minnesota and North Carolina, but Biden’s momentum and endorsements turned out to be the perfect foil.

Biden ended up winning 10 states including Texas and North Carolina, while Sanders ended up only taking four. Biden was even able to win in states like Minnesota and Massachusetts, which were states he didn’t even campaign in. Unfortunately, this night turned out to be the opposite for Elizabeth Warren and Michael Bloomberg. Bloomerberg only won the American Samoa, which showed an abysmal finish since he spent over $700 million on his own campaign. Warren, unfortunately, did not win any states and even came in third place in Massachusetts, her own home state, thus adding insult to injury.

As of now, both Bloomberg and Warren have suspended their campaigns; Bloomberg endorsed Biden, while Warren did not commit to either Biden or Sanders just yet.

It is apparent that this race is between Sanders and Biden,.While Sanders did not win the most states compared to Biden, he did win the largest state in the union California by a wide margin enriching himself with plenty of delegates. This race is neck and neck as the number of delegates does not separate the candidates by that much, with Biden leading the count as of right now with 601 to Sanders’ 535.

It looks as if both candidates will not win the majority of delegates, which is 1,991, which means it very much could be a contested convention between the two. In my opinion, the person with the most delegates should get the nomination, and if there is a scenario where the person with the most gets short sighted that very much will fracture the party and possibly lead to Donald Trump