Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Tyler Moseberry, Courier Staff

Let’s be honest, most of us despise mornings. The act of waking up and feeling groggy from the late nights, the feeling of soreness from that workout yesterday or just disturbing the comfort you have in your bed in general.

Unfortunately, most of us if not all of us have to wake up in the morning at some point. So that also means that you have to make yourself breakfast or just eat breakfast if you still are fortunate enough to have a meal plan.

The problem is if you are not a morning person or just don’t get enough sleep, breakfast is either downsized or skipped altogether. Now, the type of downsizing I am talking about is the typical breakfast bars, water, muffins, Poptarts and cereal are not always the best options on their own. Skipping the meal altogether is not smart either, in fact, this is much worse for many reasons. For starters, when you wake up, your body is already extremely deprived of nutrients because it has been resting. So, the first nutrients you put in your body quite literally start your day. When you don’t have breakfast at all, your body starts to take energy away from you in other ways like your muscle mass and eventually your fat.

Now, don’t think that starving yourself will instantly make you look thinner. In fact, the loss of fat by starvation can cause irreparable damage and in some cases be fatal. Breakfast will also provide you with more energy to tackle the day and promote brain function.

If you are someone that can sleep in during the morning, you may have another bad habit. Those late night snacks or meals can be bad for you as well. When you eat during the day, you have time to use the energy that your body took in from eating whether that is from mental or physical activities. When food is consumed late at night, our bodies are naturally going to want to rest due to an internal clock. Sleeping after eating will result in weight gain because the body is forced to store the energy.

The internal clock is basically the way your body tells you to wake up and when it needs sleep. This is why if you have a pattern to your work schedule, you typically do not need an alarm, so eating late doesn’t just mess up your diet and overall health but it can disturb your lifestyle and daily routines as well. Late night eating attributes to health issues similar to skipping or not eating a good breakfast. High cholesterol and diabetes are the most common results of continuously eating late. Health issues can sometimes occur even when we take care of our bodies which is why it is important to be aware of the avoidable issues.

If it is possible for you to change your habits with your diet, doing it sooner rather than later is important. Whether it is eating late at night or changing your breakfast habits, the way you eat will affect the way you live.