Use spring break to your advantage

Jiana Barrera, Courier Staff

Being a college student is extremely stressful and can be difficult to balance between a person’s social life and grades. Spring break as a college student is about a one-week vacation and most students either spend time back at home or leave for a fun and exciting break somewhere preferably warmer, I think spring break lands on the perfect time for students to have a week off school because it is almost halfway through the school semester for most college students.

I think this time of the year is so important for college students because it allows them to destress and helps with physical and mental risks caused by stress. Vacations are good for the average person’s mental and physical health because most of the time, the average person comes back more productive and effective. Most vacations work to reduce someone’s stress and anxiety that is usually caused by the person’s day to day activities and the surrounding environment. According to an article on Inc, four science-based reasons people should go on vacations include, stress reduction, heart disease prevention, improved productivity and better sleep. Stress is not only draining to someone’s mental health, but it also can show physical symptoms such as headaches, chest pain and multiple body aches. Vacations help reduce the key symptoms of stress and allow people to clear their minds from reality for a short period of time. Vacations also help prevent heart disease. In the Inc article, it states that both men and women are at higher risk of heart disease if they choose to not take at least one week off from work each year. It is a proven fact that both men and women will be less at risk if they decide to take vacations to help reduce their stress and anxiety.

Vacation time can also improve productivity in the workforce or even school because it allows people to work harder knowing that they are going to get that break from reality. For instance, a study by the Boston Consulting Group found that many professionals that were required to take time off work were significantly more productive than those people who spend most of their time working. Although this statement applies to jobs, I believe that it still applies to college students as well. If students know that they will be getting time off, I believe that they will work harder and be more productive in their schoolwork. Vacation time also allows people to get better sleep because a side effect of stress is insomnia. With less stress and more time off work or school, students are allowed to reset their sleep patterns and help them get better sleep or a better sleeping schedule.

Spring break is a one-week vacation for college students allowing them to get away from the ridiculous amounts of schoolwork and regrouping themselves both physically and mentally.

It is scientifically proven that when the average human is given time off of work, they become more productive and less at risk of physical damage due to stress. All college students deserve a break from furthering their education and this is given to them by having these breaks from school and traveling to more stress-free environments.