Finish out midterms strong, it is almost spring break!

Anesha Wheaton , Courier Staff

Spring break is just around the corner and many are excited to get out of dodge. But the joy of spring break comes with the downfall of midterms, which are happening this week for many of us. Before your dream of relaxing on the beach becomes reality, there are still a few things that need to be done in Macomb before you can enjoy your break.

The most important thing that needs to be focused on is completing homework assignments that you may have put off studying for midterms. The idea of relaxing is at the forefront of everybody’s mind, but what should be there is how well you are doing in your classes and what you can do to improve your grades halfway through the semester. There is still hope to raise your grade and end the semester on a high note if you put in the effort to do better. Pester your professors by showing up at their office hours and shoot them emails until you understand the concepts at hand. Form study groups with people who have the same classes as you and actually work, not putting in an hour’s work and calling it quits. Go to the library, put your phone on airplane mode instead of watching videos on Youtube and try to apply the information from the pages to your brain effectively. The words on the pages will make sense eventually, trust me.

Attend class consistently, pay attention in class instead of being on your phone the whole time, and actively listening does wonders to improve your grade. You don’t need to be the smartest student in the room, but the one who actively tries every time they enter class. Even when you have those days where what the professor is saying sounds like the adults from a Charlie Brown cartoon, you will pick up some concepts just by sitting there and passively listening. There is no need to be on your A game every class period, just slowly put in the effort to do better and your grades will show the effort.

While you are busy studying for midterms, there is another great thing you can do while when the words on the pages become fuzzy and you become fed up with learning the material you need to pass the next exam. Spring cleaning is a great way to get out of your winter blues slump and have a clean room for once. Throw out everything you don’t need, pack up what you will need for the rest of the semester and bring it home if you can and organize the rest. If you are living in your dorm, make sure that your room is up to par so that you will not receive any fines over break for having contraband items on display. When you return from break, a clean room will be there waiting for you and friends to share stories with.

With your midterms over and sunny days ahead, enjoy your break!