Cricket opens new Macomb location

Devon Greene, editor-in-chief

Cricket has a new location in Macomb and they held a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday.

The phone carrier opened their new location at 1710 E. Jackson St. in front of Walmart. Cricket is one of a few options when it comes to phone service in Macomb, but their service differs from the others.

“We’re the only non-contract carrier that has an actual location,” Ryan Elsila, the Indirect Sales Executive said.

Elisila said this is important because this allows for customers to get a better experience in the store. They want to focus on customer service while providing a low-pressure environment for anyone looking for a phone service.

“We like to get inside the community,” Mario Brown, the District Manager said. “Any types of events we can get into with the chamber, we will be providing that with Macomb.”

Brown and Elsila said that they have participated in blood drives, pet adoptions, parades, vendor events and more. One example Elsila brought up was a food drive they participated in last year where they raised over 500 pounds of food for the Central Illinois Community Food Bank.

Elsila said that Cricket has some of the best deals in the area and that they hope to provide affordable phone service for whoever needs it.

Cricket had already been in the Macom area, however, they were located inside the local Gamestop. They decided to move into their own location because they wanted a focus on the phone service, instead of playing second fiddle to video game consoles and games. Elsila said that the Macomb location had some of the best results and that played a large role in their decision to open up the store.