New Netflix series tests the theory that love is blind

Tea Wheat, Entertainment Writer

The experiment is quite simple, yet utterly complicated for the individuals involved. Similar to The Bachelor, these individuals are shipped away to a remote location unable to contact the outside world. During this time, the group of individuals will go on “dates” with each other, however they will do so by not seeing what the person they are dating looks like. This is done by all dates being conducted in pods, the pods are very pretty and seem like normal rooms, except that they are connected with another pod by sound only. This allows for the two individuals to enter their pod and be able to speak with the other individual in the conjoining pod. When not on dates, the individuals are divided up by sexes, men are with each other in one suite and women in another. So, while they are all dating the same individuals, they are also living with each other. Additionally, while the men do not know what the women look like and vice versa, they do know what all the people of the same sex look like, as the show is hetero-normative and does not allow for dating within the same sex.

As the couples talk to one another in the pod, they are able to narrow down who their future husband or wife may be. That’s right, this show, much like the Bachelor, ends in an engagement. Actually, the show ends with a wedding just 40 days from when initial conversations begin, because if you know you know, or something like that. Once a couple feels strongly about each other they have the opportunity to propose, however, the proposal will still take place without ever seeing the individual on the other side. This means that if a couple becomes successfully engaged in the pods, they will be engaged to someone they have never seen before, someone they fell in love with based solely on their personality. However, the next day after the proposal takes place, couples will finally be able to meet each other in person.

After this phase of the experiment, all successfully engaged couples are taken to Mexico for a private vacation in Mexico, where they can get used to their fiancé in the flesh, too. Then, in the final phase before the weddings, the couples will return to the real world and move in together. This is also where their families and friends will get to meet their future husband or wife.

In all honesty, this show is a trainwreck, but most shows like these are, and that’s why people love them. There is unnecessary drama and some people that were clearly selected just to stir up trouble. However, this show, while it seems like a good test of blind love on paper, does not really test if love is blind. Every person on this show is physically attractive and fit to begin with, so when individuals see who they have been talking to they are pleasantly surprised at the fact that their future husband or wife could literally be a model.

If you like drama and pointless reality television shows, or just want to see how the experiment ends up, it can be found on Netflix with new episodes airing every Thursday.