The worst Bachelor that “Bachelor Nation” has ever seen goes to…

Tea Wheat, Entertainment Writer

There has been a lot of talk this season about the do’s and don’ts when you are The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

However, this season’s Bachelor, Pilot Pete, has been coined by many as “The worst Bachelor in the history of the Bachelor.” Frankly, if you watch the show or even follow it vaguely, it isn’t hard to see why. Peter is whole-heartedly a really great guy, but this causes him to be easily influenced and afraid to hurt people at times. We even see this getting in the way of his ability to commit as well.

Even before the season took off this winter, it was evident that Peter still had strong feelings for Hannah B., the last Bachelorette. These feelings took up almost the first two episodes of the show and completely imploded the first group date. The groundbreaking moment was when Peter asked Hannah B. to join his season of The Bachelor. Now, I’m not even sure if that’s something you’re allowed to do, so Hannah’s choice of not coming back onto the show may have had to do with the fact that she literally wasn’t allowed to, but why would Peter do that in the first place? I mean really, dude, she broke your heart. Let her go.

Peter’s season has had an obscene amount of drama as well, and it isn’t even the good kind that makes you want to watch the season more. It is petty, high-school drama that could have easily been resolved by removing the people that were causing the issues. But instead of doing that, Peter kept them on week after week and wasted a good amount of his season being swept up in the drama that was being caused by these girls.

To top it all off, I’m pretty sure that Peter is color blind because from the way I see it, Victoria F. has been throwing up a lot of red flags that he continues to not see, or just ignores. She is blatantly emotionally manipulative and just not emotionally mature at all, yet somehow she has made it to fantasy suites. Her hometown date with Peter consisted of crying, warnings from individuals about her integrity and more crying. Peter was not even able to meet her family, and she still advanced to the next week. The majority of Bachelor Nation was in a complete uproar due to this, because it makes absolutely no sense.

While all of the things listed above seem to lead the Bachelor Nation toward thinking that Pilot Pete is the worst Bachelor ever, it is worth noting that not all of his decisions may be his in this. That’s right, the producers of The Bachelor also have a say in what contestants stay and what contestants go and can also influence other drama-inducing factors that happen on the show. For example, the fact that the country singer singing at Peter and Victoria F’s one-on-one date just so happened to be her ex-boyfriend was definitely staged by the producers. So it’s hard to say if this season being the mess that it is entirely Peter’s fault or not, but he definitely has not been my favorite Bachelor to watch on the show. All I can say is, I hope that Peter does find love, but it may not be on his season of The Bachelor.