Who will have a better season? Sox or Cubs?

Brendan Reidy , Courier Staff

With baseball season right around the corner, many people are excited about the upcoming season. Especially Chicago fans, with both the city’s clubs expected to do big things this upcoming games.

The Chicago Cubs have been the city’s most successful team over the last few seasons, making the playoffs four of the last five seasons, and winning the World Series back in 2016. The White Sox have been on the complete other side of the spectrum. The Southside team has missed the playoffs the last 11 seasons and haven’t sniffed success in quite some time. However, despite these two teams having different history the past few seasons, there is plenty of optimism heading into the 2020 season.

The Cubs bring back the core that they won the World Series with back in 2016, and will have a new leading man in David Ross. The White Sox will look to build off an improved season from a year ago, and look to develop their young core just as the Cubs did before them. So the question everyone is asking is, who will have the better season? Right now, the over/under win lines are set for 84.5 wins for the Sox and 86.5 for the Cubs. It’s a tough question to answer who will have more success this season, but let’s break down what we know in four parts.

First, let’s talk about the manager position for both clubs. The White Sox bring back manager Rick Renteria, who has been with the team the last few seasons. It’s hard to judge his managerial style throughout his tenure with the White Sox due to the lack of talent he has worked with during the rebuild process. However, there are big question marks surrounding if he is the guy to lead the Sox to the promised land.

For the Cubs, they bring in new manager Ross. The former catcher will be starting his first ever manager job with the team he helped win the World Series. Lots of excitement is in the air with his return, but he also brings a lot of questions due to his lack of managerial experience.

Both Renteria and Ross bring question marks, but also plenty of upsides. However, it is tough to decide which one has the advantage. So, for the purpose of debate, let’s just markup the manager position as a draw.

The next category is going to be proven talent. The Cubs and White Sox both have their fair share of proven talent. The Cubs boast superstars Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant and Javier Baez where the White Sox have names like Jose Abreu, Yoan Moncada and Lucas Giolito. Right now, the Cubs own this category due to the amount of success they have had in the past. I expect the Cubs to continue to have this advantage over the Sox for at least the entirety of the upcoming season due to the Sox’s young roster.

The third category is going to be young potential talent. The Cubs saw their potential turn into true star talent a few seasons ago, and the White Sox are going to try and follow that same model. Right now, the Cubs have prospect, Nico Hoerner, on the farm, but not much more elite talent. The White Sox, on the other hand, are loaded with elite minor league talent knocking on the doors of the big leagues. With names like Luis Robert, Nick Madrigal, Michael Kopech and Andrew Vaughn looking to go with the likes of Tim Anderson and Eloy Jimenez. I think this category goes to the White Sox because of the amount of potential this team could possess. However, it could very well flop because we do not know how these prospects will develop.

The last category is going to be the strength of the division. This is very important when it comes to winning total because the teams you play in your division are who you play the majority of your season against. The Cubs play in the NL Central, where the Sox play in the AL Central.

The AL Central consists of the reigning division champs, the Twins, who only got better by adding Josh Donaldson and Kenta Maeda to the mix. The division also consists of the downward trending Indians, who just traded away Ace, Corey Kluber. Rounding out the division, you have the Tigers and Royals who are both rebuilding.

The NL Central consists of the reigning division champs, Cardinals, who just lost one of their key contributors in Marcel Ozuna. Another team in the division is the Milwaukee Brewers, who also made the postseason a season ago as a wildcard team, and then you have the very improved Cincinnati Reds. Rounding out the NL Central is the rebuilding Pirates.

As it stands right now, the White Sox have the advantage in this category because they play a significantly less challenging schedule. However, you never know what will happen, and what teams live up to the preseason hype.

So, out of the four categories I analyzed, We had a draw for a manager, Cubs took the proven talent category, the Sox took the potential category and the easier schedule. It’s hard to pick which team will have more success, and for the purpose of the article, I am not going to predict who will have the better season because both teams could be great. If you’re a person who likes to take risks, take the White Sox to have a better season. However, if you like the safe bet on who will have the better season, hammer the Cubs.