Student involvement Matters

Tea Wheat, Entertainment Writer

When many people think of college, they typically think of the academics as well as the night life. This was my only understanding of what happened at a college until I came to one. The media tends to leave out the importance of getting involved on your campus, and only highlights nightlife and the academics involved with going to university.

But, as many of you all as college students know, going to a university is so much more than nightlife and classes, and it should be more than that. There are so many different things to get involved with when one goes to a university, such as organizations relating to sports, student government and other interests one may hold. There is truly an organization on campus for everyone, which is one thing that makes our campus here at Western so unique.

Personally, during my freshman year, my RA encouraged me to get involved with Hall Government, and I ran for the executive board. It was the connections that I made in Hall Government that made me feel most at home here at Western, and so I continued to get more involved with student leadership through joining the National Residence Hall Honorary and Inter-Hall Council in the following semesters. I found my passion and what I love to do through these organizations, and that is what I hope every student here at Western does, no matter what that passion is. For some, it may be sports and for others, it may be the arts, but these passions are important to our collegiate experience and success, too.

If you live in the residence halls then you have probably seen the fliers outlining the importance of involvement on campus, primarily within the first year of attendance. Something that the fliers touch on is retention rates and GPA. They state that 70 percent of students that did not return for the spring semester were identified by week seven of their time here at Western as not connected to the University. Additionally, students who were connected by week seven had an average GPA of 3.02, whereas not connected students received an average GPA of 2.31. The facts included on these fliers are based on real data and statistics from the University and demonstrate the importance of involvement on campus.

Involvement and connection to the university, be it through organizations, jobs or just having social connections with friends, is so important. From personal experience, I know that it has made my time here much more enjoyable, and based on the statistics above, it also helps with your GPA.

I highly encourage anyone who is not involved already to find an organization that focuses on something they enjoy and try it. The activities fair as well as campus labs are great resources to find organizations and events to join and attend.