Good old fashioned games

Tea Wheat, Entertainment Writer

The weather outside might be getting warmer, but let’s be real. We live in the Midwest, so the weather could turn back at any moment. So, before it gets nice out for real, spend some time inside with friends playing some games together.

For those of you who are looking for a game that might take an afternoon or a whole weekend, you have a couple of options. You could play those games that immediately come to your mind: Monopoly or Risk. But, if you are looking for games that add a bit of variety to your gaming life, consider the following games: Betrayal at House on the Hill, Diplomacy or Risk Legacy.

Betrayal at House on the Hill is a board game that has a different story each time you play. Players “explore” the house, revealing tiles that build more and more of the house as the game goes on. The first stage of the game is all about exploring the house and revealing new things. Eventually, one player will start the Haunt. The Haunt is the event that begins the second stage of the game. The concept is fairly simple: one person in the party betrays the remainder of the party and tries to take them out before the party takes them out. Like I said before, each game has a different Haunt. You could end up playing the same Haunt, but there are over 50 possible Haunts to play through! This game can take upwards of an hour to play, so come with plenty of snacks!

Diplomacy is also another game that can take upwards of an hour to play, or maybe two! The game is much like Risk, but with a more work-together feel. Taking place in 1901, the game is split into fall and spring turns, with each turn being split into negotiation and movement phases. During the negotiation phase, players can talk with one another and make alliances to gang up and take out other players in their ways, but be warned: alliances can be broken before you know it!

Risk Legacy is just a game of Risk, except you play 14 more games after that and the consequences from one game carry over to the next, making for a major shakeup. Each new game you get to choose a new “faction” to play as. These factions take the place of the normal armies that you play as in the normal version of the game. This game takes upwards of a couple of days depending on how quickly you try and play. When I played with my floor mates a couple of years ago, we split it up over weekends, cutting back on the possibility of us losing our drive to play.

If you are looking for a game that doesn’t take quite so long, consider looking into the game of Coup. Only taking 10-30 minutes to play, this game is a card game where you try and get other players to lose their cards. You are randomly assigned two cards facedown. Only you can look at them and, based on the cards that you are given, you can make different moves. You can lie about what you have to make a different move, just don’t get caught lying or you’ll lose a card. The player with at least one card remaining wins!