Be careful with your relationships in college

Tyler Moseberry, Courier Staff

Imagine coming into a new environment and being so excited to not only explore new environments such as a new school, new classes and new teachers, but new people as well.

You’re so excited to venture out and change what you were accustomed to in your past to what you want to be your new future. Although it’s great to forget about your past experiences when it comes to dating someone or being involved with someone romantically, it’s necessary to look back at those so you can understand what went wrong and how you want to change the qualities and actions that took place in that relationship. People tend to forget how impactful those steps can be.

It’s very important to understand your partner. Having that openness creates a healthy balance of security and vulnerability that can help a relationship grow. With all that being said, it’s not as easy to follow those steps, but it is important to try as best as you can, although it may be difficult, it will be worth the try.

To add on, not only should you look back on past experiences and decide what changes need to occur while learning from each other’s past, but focus on building the new relationship itself. For instance, it’s very important to establish trust, friendship, commitment, communication and always be yourself. With trust, there needs to be boundaries established with each other. With that, you’ll need to believe and accept that your partner is where they say they will be when they share that information. With establishing a friendship, you need to feel like you can talk with one another about anything and everything; there should never be any secrets between each other. Your partner should be someone you go to when there’s happy news and sad news.

In order for one another to be on the same page, there needs to be communication. It needs to be discussed whether you will only date until there’s a mutual decision to end the relationship and see other people, date until the school year is over, which would be a more casual relationship or date after college because there is no intention of ending the relationship, which would be a more serious relationship. Additionally, there needs to be open input during the relationship to express each others’ opinions or feelings about current situations. This is where communication will play a big part. Lastly, you and your significant other should always be yourselves. For example, if your partner isn’t as vocally expressive but shows it through their actions, you have to appreciate that. It can be as simple as getting your favorite type of drink every time they see you or getting food that’s enough for both of you without you saying you’re hungry.

Read these tips and you will be on your way to a successful relationship in college.