Can our democracy be saved?

Mark Tolliver, Courier Staff

Our forefathers and ancestors founded this country on democracy and equality for all.

There was one founding father, John Adams, who wasn’t really hopeful about democracy. In a letter from 1814, he says, “democracy never lasts long, it soon waster, exhausts and murders itself.”

There has been some controversial talk that signals our democracy may be heading down the drain. Further discussion is around, can our democracy be saved?

Democracy is the full participation of all citizens where they all have a voice. During our current political era, it seems as though we are diminishing from our founding state of democracy. Our country is dealing with a dictator-like Commander-In-Chief who uses Twitter as his means of communication. Our current administration is blunt in their actions and words toward and about people. Our current president is known for his blunt character toward everything, as well as his mindset that everything must go his way all the time.

A democratic government assumes law passing, new political official and new orders through the voting by citizens. The citizens have a voice and have an opportunity to speak their mind while having their opinion be valued. Presently, we are being condemned and bashed for speaking our voice in terms of our laws and living in our present society.

When we have political officials who blatantly disobey and disregard the Constitution, we are at a Democracy Suicide. Our president has said and done things that were totally against the oath of his office that he swore to keep. President Donald Trump is a president that wants everything to go his way at his demand. He feels as if whatever he says goes and that everyone must abide by his words. Trump is in the mindset of wanting to be owner instead of president. He also doesn’t want to be held accountable by other political officials (the other two branches of government). From Trump’s past, we see his main occupation and source of activity was business and entertainment. He lived as a business owner, board members for companies and has personal firms, so Trump understands the role of being in charge. The job of the president is being in charge but having responsibilities that are kept by check and balances. Trump wants to get rid of the voice of the people and government structure, yet he would like to take control and have everything approved by him.

Currently being acquitted from charges brought upon him by the Democrats, Trump is polishing the idea that the Democrats took him to trial yet he was found not guilty. With evidence to impeach him, Trump expressed his personal feelings that he knew it wasn’t fair and that he would be acquitted.

From the outcome, we can only imagine that Trump is in a good state of mind with his goal of being fully in charge.