Counterfeit bill scam spreads to Macomb businesses

Devon Greene, editor-in-chief

The Macomb Police Department is warning businesses around Macomb to be on the lookout for counterfeit bills.

The Police Department posted an alert on Facebook to bring awareness to the issue at hand.

“Macomb has been experiencing a rash of counterfeit bills being taken by area businesses,” the post read. “Please have your employees take extra care in looking at $20 and $50 bills. Should you have a question please contact the police department. Some of these bills have ‘Motion Picture Money’ written on them.”

According to one comment on the Facebook post, the bills have been spotted at at least one business in Macomb, Dollar Tree.

This case of counterfeit bills being used for purchases have reached far past Macomb limits as there were reports of the fake money being used to purchase vehicles in Shelby County, Tenn., various purchases in Crow Wing County, Minn. and various purchases in Decatur, Ind..

It is relatively easy to get hands on these counterfeit bills as there entire websites are designed to sell them and it is not illegal to own one of these bills, however, trying to pass them off as real currency definitely is. One of these websites, prop money. com, sells a mixture of bills amounting to $4,290 for just under $30.

If you see one of these bills being used at any businesses around town, contact the Macomb Police Department at 309-833-4505.