Are Hyper Pods the transportation of the future?

Tyler Moseberry, Courier Staff

Transportation is how we get from point A to point B. The farther away we are trying to go, the more energy, time and money it takes to get there.

I believe that we can get places faster with Hyper pods, but first let’s talk about what we have today. Currently, our means of transportation consist of cars, trains and planes. I listed the transportation methods in order of cheapest to most expensive and, unironically, slowest to fastest. Now, whenever new ideas of transportation are considered, a lot of factors have to go through with it. One factor is comparability with current transportation.

The method I am talking about is Hyper pods, which are pods that transport people through tubes. Now, you may be thinking why would you want something like this? My answer would be because it is extremely efficient. Hyper pods can reach and surpass speeds of our modern planes on land. That means that a traveler can cut down on air time and the time it would take you to get to and from the airport.

Hyper pods would emulate train track’s current infrastructure to lay a foundation for the routes of the pods. Meaningless time is needed to construct the route for the pods. They reach high speeds by using magnets and reducing air friction. The magnets move the travelers at increasing speeds and lift the pod to avoid friction to the track. The air friction is reduced by tubes that suck out the air of the tube while the pod travels. The end result is a pod that can reach higher speeds and maintain them with little energy loss and little energy input.

Unfortunately, Hyper pods are still in the development stages and a lot of skepticism arises. One of the biggest is cost and that can be for the creation of the pods or the cost to commute on them. Like all things commercial, the objective is to make money. Some people would be willing to pay a premium for easier transport but the question is how many can actually afford to pay? That number will determine the price of the Hyper pods and ultimately how many and where the pods will be available.

Even if the pods were available today, another deterrent for people is safety. Any new invention will have a lot of skepticism because people are afraid of change. The pods are extremely safe by design, but every invention has its possible drawbacks. For example, the pods are in a tube so if an emergency occurs, the tubes have exit points along your route. This is a lot safer than having to emergency land a plane. Another concern is the speed at 700 mph+ the speed increasing and decreasing can sound unsettling. The teams making the pods understand this and are creating ways to make the experience seamless.

As of now, the only thing we can do is wait and hope that we can have another way from point A to B.