Celebrating Valentine’s Day in a small town

Jiana Barrera, Courier Staff

Valentine’s Day is the time for lovers to express their love and affection with gifts and cards to a significant other or even a secret crush.

This holiday of romance has been celebrated since about the 14th century and many businesses make thousands of dollars every year. Since Macomb is a smaller town, it can be difficult to make plans for this day of romance due to limited places to eat and gifts to buy for one another. However, many greek organizations on campus offer small treats and gift deals for the holiday.

For example, Alpha Sigma Tau has a yearly pop up flower shop in the University Union on Feb. 14 every school year. All of the roses sold come wrapped and the prices are, one rose for $5, five roses for $10, a half dozen roses for $20 and a dozen roses for $30. This amazing rose sale allows students to buy gifts on campus and goes to a great cause.

Another organization that sells Valentine’s day gifts on campus is the sorority of Sigma Sigma Sigma. This greek organization allows students to order candy-grams for just $3 and offers delivery and pick up options. This is another great way to spread some love during this romantic holiday.

Although these organizations offer special deals on and off campus, I still believe that spending the holidays in the city of Macomb can be a hassle. Barely any restaurants across town allow reservations for this holiday, resulting in long wait times and inconvenience.

I believe that Western Illinois University should offer a dinner paid from students’ swipes for this holiday because it will not only avoid this issue, but it would be a great way to strengthen the student and school community on campus. According to the balance article, it is predicted that the amount of money Americans spend on Valentine’s day will increase from 2019, which was a total of $20.7 billion. Due to the lack of organization in the city, I believe if the university offered a dinner for students on campus allowing reservation options, it would result in more money for the university. If Western Illinois incorporated more of these fun and creative ideas for students, I think the school would raise an abundant amount of money for remodeling or other financial needs. Since the students of Western tend to associate primarily within their own organizations, this would be a great opportunity for various groups to come together and interact as one.

Every year, students on campus spend enormous amounts of money on gifts for a significant other and enjoy celebrating the romantic holiday. All of these funds will contribute to the school. If students were given this opportunity during many holiday seasons other than Valentine’s day, it will increase the interest of not only students but the Macomb community.