The release of Locke and Key

Rachel Greene , Opinions Writer

There is a new Netflix show available to watch and viewers are raving about it.

“Locke and Key” is based on a series of novels by the same name. While others have tried and failed to create a series, see the 2011 pilot episode on Fox, this attempt is unique in the fact that Joe Hill, the author of the book series was involved in this production. While he tries to hide it, Hill is actually named Joseph Hillstrom King and is the son of famed authorStephen King.

The pilot episode begins with a man receiving a phone call that someone has died. He goes into his home and, in a very strange manner, proceeds to die as well. While the initial focus is on this man, it quickly shifts and it becomes evident that he is not our protagonist in this narrative.

The Locke family, however, will be. Following the murder of their school counselor father, the family needs a fresh start. Consisting of three children and a newly-minted widow, the family picks up and leaves their life in Seattle and moves to Massachusetts, where the Locke family mansion is. “Key House,” as it is more affectionately called, is a mansion that has mystery written all over it. The children are in awe of the place, but they also cannot help but wonder why their father would never bring them there. In my personal opinion, that should have been an indicator to stay far, far away, but I did not write the script.

In typical fashion, there is something off about this mansion; the children, mostly Bode, begin to hear whispers throughout the house. While that is not normal, what is even worse is that the whispers lead them to hidden keys. Are these normal keys? Of course not. The keys each hold a special power that allows the holder to do a very strange thing. While one key can allow you to travel anywhere you have already been, a fairly innocent thing, another lets you open up someone else’s brain and step inside.

The series debuted on Thursday, Feb. 7 and there are already questions about a second season posted all over the Internet. Fans quickly binged the 10 available episodes in just a few days, or maybe even hours. It is clear that once you start watching, you will not be able to stop.

Whether you have read the novels or not, this series is a unique find and I would highly recommend taking a look. It is different than many of the titles that Netflix creates and it will keep you invested long enough for a Netflix binge. I am looking forward to watching the remainder of this season and hopefully hearing about the next one soon.