Judge rules against Kesha in defamation case

Rachel Greene, Opinions writer

A once wild and crazy popstar has made her way back into the headlines as her legal battle with Dr. Luke winds down. Ke$ha was recently accused of defaming Dr. Luke in court and therefore her sexual assault case against him has been lost.

Ke$ha came into the public eye around 2009, with her very first solo hit on her debut single “Tik Tok.” While she did not make a name for herself until this song, her journey as an artist began much earlier. In 2005, 18-year-old Kesha Sebert signed with Lukasz Gottwald, better known as Dr. Luke. Gottwald had a great track record and convinced her to move to Los Angeles and sign a deal with him for her firstsix albums.

Just as her career and partnership with Gottwald seemed to be taking off, things suddenly changed for the worse. Kesha and Gottwald were attending a party together where he allegedly gave her the date-rape drug GHB, Gammahydroxybutyrate, and then proceeded to rape her while she was unconscious. Waking up disoriented, Kesha told her mother about the incident, but decided not to go to the hospital or the authorities in order to protect herself and her music from becoming a scandal.

Between this occurrence in 2005 and 2009, Kesha did not release any music as she struggled to work around the legal implications that signing with Gottwald entailed. Other labels wanted to help her, but she continued to go back to Gottwald out of fear and obligation. Finally in 2009, Kesha, now known as Ke$ha, released her debut single, which spent nine weeks at number one on the charts. Her debut album, “Animal,” also came out at number one on the charts.

From 2010 to 2014, Ke$ha ran into an assortment of legal issues with other labels who helped her but were never paid, issues with Dr. Luke and struggles with creative freedom. Right before filing her lawsuit, Ke$ha officially dropped the dollar sign from her name and became Kesha. The lawsuit claims sexual assault and battery, but also touched on the mental strain and abuse that Dr. Luke placed on the young star. However, Dr. Luke filed a countersuit that very same day, and then a defamation lawsuit against Kesha’s mom just two weeks later. Two months later, Kesha’s mom countersued Dr. Luke due to the emotional toll he took on her daughter, citing him as a cause of her PTSD.

While things seemed to settle down from 2014-2020, Kesha did release “Praying,” a song that seemed directed at Dr. Luke, and released another album. The lawsuits were a mess and it seemed as if nothing was going to happen. That was true, until Feb. 6, 2020. Just last week, it was ruled that Kesha had in fact defamed Dr. Luke by allegeding to others that he raped pop star Katy Perry. Now, due to one text message, Kesha owes Dr. Luke $373,000 unless she is able to appeal.