Tik Tok is the new Vine

Peyton Finnegan , Courier Staff

At some point we all have complained about how annoying or stupid TikTok is, myself being no exception. But whether or not we like it, TikTok is here and has become wildly popular. TikTok has invaded nearly every social media with its content, making it hard to scroll through Twitter or Instagram without seeing an uploaded TikTok. The app is becoming part of your daily social media lineup and I think that is because of the similarities that it possesses in comparison to Vine (R.I.P.).

TikTok, however, has become even more useful than Vine ever was, with content from “do-it-yourself” to dance videos to even medical advice. TikTok has evolved from its original name of ‘Musical.ly.’ It is now more of a Vine vibe and I refuse to believe differently. While it’s not completely the same (for example: no seven-second time limit), it does allow users to create videos using their own background as well as other people’s sounds from videos already made on the app, not just songs.

The app has become a platform that a majority of this generation is obsessed with. As I write this article, two out of three of my friends in the room are currently scrolling through and watching TikToks. The concept of the app is to utilize sounds and visual effects to either create something funny, aesthetically pleasing or interesting.

I was one of those people who thought TikTok was stupid because I still had loyalty for Vine. When I started watching TikToks, it was a total joke. In essence, I downloaded the app to troll my friends and harass them about the content they would post. However, after I downloaded the app and started to scroll through more regularly, I began to realize I enjoyed watching the videos and eventually began to take videos and post them privately just to send them to my friends. At this point I was still publicly hating on TikTok, because I still kind of thought the concept was weird. I then started making more videos and started making them public (only the funny ones) and I almost like the app better than Vine.

While I enjoy watching TikToks, there are still some weird trends that I do not understand or care for. For instance, there is a trend where people narrate a step-by-step process on how to be “TikTok Famous,” and frankly it is 15 seconds of my life that I will never get back. I do think that the good content outweighs the bad. So, to any of you who may be missing Vine as much as I do, give TikTok a chance. While it does take a bit of getting used to and isn’t exactly Vine, it is worth a shot. If you decide it’s not for you, Vine compilations will always be waiting.