Andre Iguodala attempts to control trade market

Andre Iguodala gazes into the crowd.


Andre Iguodala gazes into the crowd.

Michael Harms, Courier Staff

With the NBA trade deadline looming ahead, the most notable person almost guaranteed to move cities is Memphis Grizzlies forward Andre Iguodala. He has yet to play a single minute for the Grizzlies in hopes the team would trade him. However, now Iguodala is claiming he will sit out the entire season if no trade happens before Thursday’s deadline.

Iguodala and the Grizzlies seemed to have a mutual interest in sending away the dominant wing, but Iguodala is causing problems. He is currently claiming he will sit out the rest of the season if not dealt to one of the two L.A. teams. This drops his value by a large margin to any other teams in the NBA, limiting the Grizzlies’ options in a return package.

It seems as if the Grizzlies will not get a valuable return for Iggy but should be happy with anything. The Lakers’ most valuable trade asset would be Kyle Kuzma. The Grizzlies would have a large interest in acquiring Kuzma, but the money does not line up. The Lakers would have to send Danny Green along with Kuzma to make the financials work, but would they be willing to get rid of two back up wings, for just one in return? There are other ways to make a deal work out, but any deal would almost have to include Kuzma for the Grizzlies to be seriously interested.

The Los Angeles Clippers, on the other hand, have more trade assets and are the favorites to land Iguodala. They still own their firstround pick for the 2020 NBA draft and have had issues with Montrez Harrel. The power forward is averaging a career high in points, rebounds and is one of the most efficient players at his position. He will be a free agent next year looking to strike while the iron is hot. Memphis will have the second most cap space to sign potential free agents but could make a move to obtain Harrel now to continue their playoff push.

The Clippers may not want to part with a dominant inside presence knowing they lack depth at that position. They would be more willing to part with Mo Harkless and some young assets to get Iguodala. I do believe that the Grizzlies will not make a deal unless Harrel is involved inthe package.

The problem with all of this is where Darren Collison fits in.After prematurely retiring in the off-season, he said that he would relaunch his NBA career for one of the two L.A. teams. The Lakers seem to be the favorite to sign the veteran ball handler but have yet to come to terms on a deal. This would be an added cost to the teams that are already limited in cap space attempting to trade for a player that will add $14 million to the books.

The current Grizzlies on the roster seem ready to move on from Iguodala. Dillon Brooks said in an interview that he cannot wait until they trade Iguodala so he can show him what Memphis basketball is truly about. Ja Morant backed the claim on social media, starting a small social media frenzy between him and future hall of famer Steph Curry. Either way, I think all parties involved want to see Iggy move.

The trade deadline is Thursday.Many competing teams are looking  to add a piece to continue a playoff push. Iguodala may no longer be an option for many teams that may have been interested, but there are still players that are being looked at. Robert Covington has been involved in a number of conversations as a possible trade asset. Derrick Rose has been quietly whispered in corners as a player that can make a difference for competing teams.

The Denver Nuggets have been actively shopping Malik Beasley to anyone interested. In fact, their roster of young talent has attracted many teams to put in calls asking for possible trades. Gary Harris has been involved in trade talks as well. The trade deadline is looming, and in only a few short months the playoffs will start. Buckle up.