Should couples live together before marriage?

Allison Young, Opinions Editor

In the past, it was frowned upon to live with a significant other before you were married. Some people still believe in this, but I think that it is a tradition that can be broken.

Marriage is supposed to last forever and there are very many aspects that come with it. One very important one is living together. You could completely know someone outside of their home and be completely in love with them, but if your living styles do not match up, it could cause serious problems in the future.

There are several arguments that say that if you really love someone, you will learn to adjust to their lives, but I totally disagree. I think that there are some things that can be compromised on, but I would rather not spend my first few years of my marriage figuring out how to live amongst one another. I am not talking about little things like where you put your dirty dishes or how often you do your laundry. I am talking about things like how to make a routine in the morning around each other or how to coexist in the same living space.

Like I mentioned, I can see why people want to go the more traditional route, especially if they have more traditional values or grew up in a home where they were taught that tradition is the only way to go. I can respect that people love the anticipation of finding out what it is like to be married. People see moving in with your significant other after the wedding a learning experience, but personally it is something that I do not want to learn after I am already married.

In my personal opinion, I see both sides of it. Some people have been able to move in with the person after they married them and have an extremely happy marriage, but I also know people that before they got married, lived together and it just did not work out. I am personally not planning on taking any chances. I know my personality and I can be a very headstrong person, so I recognize that I may possibly be hard to live with someday. I am not taking any chances in my marriage. I would rather break up with someone because we couldn’t live together, rather than pay for a wedding and end up divorced.

Ultimately, everyone has different opinions and ideas on how they are going to take on their relationship. It does not matter how others do it; whatever works best for you and your significant other is what you should do to make your relationship/ marriage work.