Too much drama, not enough love

Rachel Greene , Opinions Writer

Whether you love it or hate it, you have certainly heard of the hit ABC show, The Bachelor. Airing every Monday night, the 24th season of The Bachelor is receiving very mixed reviews from fans, especially on social media outlets such as Twitter.

The show is meant to be dramatic and to involve some meddling and manipulation, but fans say the producers have simply taken it too far. If you look at the core of the show, it is meant to be about finding love and overcoming the challenges to get to the one, final person who is the one the Bachelor wants to marry. Now, love seems to have taken a backseat to gimmicks and meddling by the producers.

In seasons past, there has been drama. So why is this season any different? Well for starters, former bachelorette, Hannah Brown, made a dramatic appearance during the very first episode. Even though she chose not to propose to Peter Weber and already had her chance with him, the producers seemed to think that this would be a great scene to use on countless commercials and to draw in viewers. She left gracefully after her appearance and wished Weber luck in his journey to find love. This would have been fine, but of course Brown reappeared in the next episode and seemed hysterical about making a wrong decision. Even if this was the case, it was certainly not fair to the women who joined this show with the mindset that Weber was emotionally available.

If this was not enough to suggest the producers of the show were slightly malicious, instances with Victoria Fuller and Kelley Flanagan should be. Fuller used to know Chase Rice, a country singer. In an odd coincidence, he turns out to be the artist performing in a private concert for their date. The producers, who thoroughly research each contestant prior to filming, knowingly set her up on a date to watch a former love interest sing to her and a current love interest. In Flanaganā€™s case, she met Weber before the season even started and they had a moment in a hotel. Unsurprisingly, the producers make it too easy for the pair to recreate their intimate scene at the very hotel where they met. While this could be perceived as endearing in some cases, the goal of the producers is clearly to anger the other women and pit them against Flanagan.

The show is still reaching viewers, but perhaps producers have lost sight of what The Bachelor is really meant to be. Fans love drama, but fans also love the love. There is still room for the show to change and improve to be more like what it once was, but if the producers continue to intervene in the narrative, it is likely that the show is not going to receive the final rose.