Jake Paul vs. Aneson Gib

Samuel Ogali , Courier Staff

Last Thursday night, United Kingdom Internet personality AnEsonGib challenged U.S. Internet personality Jake Paul to a boxing match on the sports streaming service DAZN and headlined by boxing promoter Ediie Hearn, and while expectations were high on both sides to have to go as long as three rounds, that ended up not being the case.

Both competitors trained for this boxing match for more than three months, Paul training with boxing legend “Sugar” Shane Mosley in Big Bear, Calif., where the air altitude is known to be high in order to increase a person’s conditioning, and Gib training with Viddal Riley, who was KSI’s boxing coach, and Jeff Mayweather, who is the uncle of boxing legend Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

Even though this was Gib and Paul’s first boxing match as professional boxers, both competed as amateurs in a Youtube boxing event in 2018 in the United Kingdom where both came out victorious against their competitors. Now as pros, the boxing match required the use of 10 ounce gloves and no headguards, which made the bout that much more violent and dangerous.

As the match began, Paul immediately dominated with a knockdown against Gib, who quickly came forward to Paul. Punches were landed on both competitors, but Paul was able to be a much more technical boxer than Gib and proceeded to land two more knockdowns, thus ending the match by technical knockout under the Florida comminsom’s three knockdown rule. Thus, Paul was declared the winner.

It was a boxing match that lasted only two minutes and 18 seconds but cemented to people that Paul was truly a worthy competitor. After the bout, KSI proceeded to enter the ring and very much set up a possible match between the two personalities. Paul defeated KSI’s brother Deji in his first ametur boxing match and his friend AnEsonGib in his first pro boxing match. KSI defeated Paul’s brother Logan in their first pro boxing match by a controversial two point deduction against Logan. With both competitors undefeated, this just made the rivalry between the Paul brothers and KSI much more interesting.