Netflix’s Sed Education is a must see

Samuel Ogali , Courier Staff

Netflix has produced many popular original shows like Stranger Things and House of Cards, but one show that has been out since last year is quite interesting. If you’ve watched the show Sex Education then you know exactly what I’m talking about; the name itself pretty much tells you what it’s going to be about.

This adolescent show, which takes place in the United Kingdom, chronicles the life of the main character Otis as he realizes a skill he has of giving his peers sex and health advice, in part because of having a mother that’s a sex therpist. Otis uses this skill to start a secret sex counsel to help his peers with any questions or concerns that they may have. This series of course has its awkward moments when talking about a topic such as this, but it makes the show hysterical to watch based on the characters’ reactions to these events.

But, like any adolescent series, there are the obvious friendship and relationship stories that continue throughout both seasons, and this show does a very good job of making those storylines important, but overall not the central idea of the show. Each character is given their own backstory that’s very relatable and understandable compared to reality, and overall depicts what teenagers go through in this changing and awkward period of their life.

While Sex Eduaction is meant to be a show that uses discomfort and awkward discussions as a way to show the overall humor of the material, it also shows how such material pertaining to sex eduation is very much disregarded or not taken seriously in school curriculums worldwide. While this show is overall meant to be funny, it also implictly tells the viewer that there isn’t any shame in talking about sex, especially as an adolescent, because everyone has questions and concerns, just like you do.

If you want to watch a show that will make you laugh, cringe and constantly make you wonder what will happen next, then watch Sex Eduaction on Netflix