Top three landing spots for Tom Brady



Tom Brady looks on across the field after missing out on a play.

Josh Purnell, Courier Staff

Tom Brady is most certainly coming back for the 2020 season. Unfortunately, given his age and contract with the New England Patriots, his time with the Patriots could possibly come to an end.

Brady spent the last 19 seasons as a New England Patriots quarterback, leading them to nine Super Bowl appearances and winning six. Last summer, Brady signed a two-year $70 million contract extension. Part of that deal does not allow the Patriots to franchise tag him, so assuming Brady and the Patriots don’t come to a final deal by March 18, that would make Brady an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career. That would end the greatest dynasty in sports history. Seeing some of the greatest quarterbacks play for a different team is always weird, but we’ve seen it happened. Peyton Manning went from the Indianapolis Colts to the Denver Broncos. Joe Montana went from the San Francisco 49ers to the Kansas City Chiefs. But the big question is, if Brady does become a free agent, where will he go? I have my top three teams that I think Brady should go to.

1. Chicago Bears The Bears are a big market with a need for a quarterback. It would be incredibly impossible for Brady to come to Chicago based on cap situation and Mitchell Trubisky, who has one year left on his contract. Ryan Pace, the general manager of the Bears drafted Trubisky, and he wants to prove the Bears can still win with Trubisky. So, it’s highly possible that the Bears will be resigning him. But, if Brady is willing to discuss a deal, the Bears might scoop Trubisky to the side. Everyone knows how great the defense is, also everyone knows the Bears are one quarterback away from a chance to get to the Super Bowl.

2. LA Chargers The Los Angeles Chargers have been surfing in the media all season long. The Chargers would be the perfect team for Brady simply because he’s from California. The only difference is that he will have better receivers in Keenan Allen and Mike William. Melvin Gordon and Hunter Henry are out and the offensive line is not good. Defensively, they still have Melvin Ingram, Joey Bosa and Casey Hayward. Unfortunately, the Chargers are not respected in California. So, the only good Brady can do for the Chargers is high ticket sales. But, if Brady does go to the Chargers, they are guaranteed playoff contenders. Phillip Rivers has been with the Chargers for 15 seasons and has not led the Chargers to one Super Bowl. The Chargers have always been an underachieving team. Could Brady turn that around?

3. Indianapolis Colts Everyone was stunned when Andrew Luck announce his retirement. Jacoby Brissett had a decent season for a backup. He threw 2,942 yards and 18 touchdowns. The Colts have some great offensive pieces; TY Hilton at receiver, tight end Eric Ebron and running back Marlon Mack. What the Colts have, and the Bears and Chargers don’t, is an offensive line. Colts have the best offensive line in the league, which is why Brissett and Mack had a decent season. Their defense is not the best, but they are slowing finding their identity. They have a great linebacker in Darius Leonard. The Colts are better off without Brady because they are a stable organization. They have the 13th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, so they could draft a future franchise quarterback. Depending on how desperate the Colts are, they might sign Brady and if so, they are automatically playoff contenders.