Remember to respect the classics

Tea Wheat, Entertainment Writer

In 2020, many people’s movies that they watch extend from what’s on Netflix to what’s new in the theatres. Though, there are many older movies from 2000 and before that are great films and that should get more attention than they do. Whenever I’m home for break, my mom has the tendency of making me watch older movies that she loves, and I’m not normally willing, but I typically have no say in the matter.

The newest movie that she showed me was Primal Fear, which is a legal thriller film that was released in 1996. This film is based on the novel Primal Fear by William Diehl. I won’t lie, I had absolutely no interest in watching this film, but once it was on, I really enjoyed it. This film follows defense attorney Martin Vail, as he takes on a new case. This case involves an altar boy who is accused of the murder of the archbishop in Chicago. As the case unravels, so does the dark secrets of the church, though there is something much more sinister that begins to unfold. This film has a lot of twists, all the way until the very end and has a 75 percent critics rating from Rotten Tomatoes.

Another movie that we always watch around the holidays is It’s A Wonderful Life, a family Christmas drama that was released in 1946 by Liberty Films. This film follows George Bailey, a man whose problems seem to build and build until he finally decides to end his life. Though, he meets an unlikely friend in the process, Clarence, his guardian angel who is just trying to earn his wings. Clarence shows George what the place that he lives would be like had he never existed, and that it truly is a wonderful life. This movie has a 94 percent critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is well-deserved in my opinion.

Finally, a movie that my mom forced me to watch in high school but has stuck with me ever since. Pay It Forward is a drama that is based on the novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde and was released in the year 2000. This film follows 12-year-old Trevor McKinney as he embarks on an extra-credit assignment that his social studies professor gives him. The assignment is to “Think of an idea to change our world and put it into ACTION!” Trevor comes off with the concept of “Pay it Forward,” where he will help three people, who all help three more people, and the ripple will continue. This movie has a 40 percent rating from Rotten Tomatoes, which I disagree with because I really enjoyed this film and its potential impact.

So, if you find yourself in need of films to watch on these cold winter days, consider trying something new! While old films can become outdated, these are three films that I have watched recently that I feel have aged well. Just keep in mind that there are concepts in them that may no longer be accurate today, as they were made many years ago. Consider watching an older film, even if it isn’t one

of these!