Taylor Swift documentary “Miss Americana” set to release

Rachel Greene, Opinions Writer

While always being noticeably open with fans and audiences, Taylor Swift has never shown herself in the way she does in new Netflix documentary, “Miss Americana.” The documentary, which is set to premiere on Jan. 31, 2020, promises to follow Swift as not only a performer, but as a woman. The film was created by filmmaker Lana Wilson and was screened at the iconic Sundance Film Festival.

From a very young age, Swift was thrown into the spotlight. Since before she could drive a car, she had the entire world watching her every move. While the public may feel as if they already know her, this documentary is a new intimate look into the world Swift lives in behind closed doors. She shares what it feels like to be famous and reveals that her life may not be all it is cracked up to be.

According to reviews, the film focuses on things that the star has kept hidden, such as her mother Andrea’s battle with cancer, an eating disorder and her innate need to feel loved by the public. In a way she has never done before, she has taken her career apart and broken it down, painting herself to be almost normal, as normal as a celebrity can really be.

As someone who has been a fan of Swift for about 11 years, I am excited to see her in a different light. I feel like she has always been open and honest with her fanbase, but seeing trailers and reviews of the film reveal that there has always been so much more under the surface of the tweets, Instagram posts and paparazzi pictures. Even as she boasted about her baking career and consistently posted pictures of her cookies and snacks, she was struggling with an eating disorder and fighting to keep her size zero figure. She did share her mom’s battle with cancer with fans, but never shared it intimately or gave more than a small statement.

Whether you like Swift or not, you can’t argue with the fact that she’s lived a very different life from most people, even most other celebrities. Growing up in front of the camera cannot be easy, but the trailer shows that it can also be very isolating and that Swift’s relationships with her fans are therefore very valuable to her. It is hard to keep friends when they, along with the world, can see your every move and judge you for it. I think it is a brave move for Swift to finally let people into her life in this new and revealing way. I look forward to watching the documentary this week and gaining more of an insight into the lifestyle of one of the most iconic artists of this generation.