Rewriting the ending of Friends

Allison Young, Opinions Editor

The first episode of the beloved show “Friends” aired on Sept. 22, 1994. I am sure that the producers of the show never expected it to be as big as it was.

Today, reruns from all 10 seasons are still being played on various different television networks daily. “Friends” has become a show that people still to this day talk about and even bond over. I know several people who are fanatics and who have rewatched the series more than five times all the way through. While “Friends” is one of my absolute favorite TV series, I do wish that it would have had a different ending. Spoiler alert, but the show ended with Ross and Rachel together, Chandler and Monica adopting twins and also deciding to move to a smaller area, Phoebe ends up marrying a character named Mike and Joey does not end up with a partner at all. I have always hoped that there would be one last reunion season or episode, but it does not look like that is going to be happening anytime soon. So, if I were to rewrite the ending of the TV series, it would look a little something like this.

Let’s keep the final episode the way it is. Rachel gets off the plane and Monica is still giving up the apartment. I think that they could have given viewers a little taste of what their futures were like. So, I would have added one more episode that was a jump forward maybe five to 10 years. In this episode we would see Ross, Rachel and Emma living happily together in New York City. We would also see Joey seriously dating someone and finally settling down from his bachelor phase. He has also become a regular actor on a new soap opera and is no longer only known for being Dr. Drake Ramoray. Then there would be Phoebe married to Mike, still singing smelly cat in the coffee shop and perhaps even in some other settings. Finally, there would be Monica and Chandler living happily in the suburbs with their two children.

Closer to the end of the episode there would be a reunion at Monica and Chandler’s, because Monica always enjoys hosting the party. The kids would be playing as they are all much older and the original cast would discuss how much they love their regular get-togethers and how many memories they have together. They will be friends forever no matter the circumstances.

In my personal opinion, the regular ending of the show is fine, but they could have done so much more with it. They left all of the viewers for years to come, wondering how their lives ended up and where they are today. For us super fans who have seen the reruns hundreds of times, it never gets easier knowing that there will not be a follow up at the end. The producers left it up to us to imagine what their lives would be like and that is how I would imagine them leaving off.