What makes you an adult?

Allison Young, Opinions editor

We are told our whole lives that turning 18 years old makes us a real adult.

So, as a child we look forward to our 18th birthday so we can celebrate adulthood. Well, I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t feel like an adult even though I am almost 21 years old. So, I ask the question: at what age do you actually feel like an adult? In my personal opinion, it varies from person to person and there is not one specific thing that makes one an adult.

Everyone comes from a different path of life, whether that is going to college after school or straight to the workforce, and in today’s world, not everyone needs to be attending college. We are in desperate need of people to work in the trades and I believe that those people tend to become adults faster than people who choose to go to college. Since they are going and working every single day and tend to move out of their homes and start paying bills, I would consider them more of an adult than someone who is going and still sitting in a classroom every day. But, I am not saying that people who are in college are not adults, they just might have a smoother lifestyle than those working an everyday job.

In college, most students go and sit in a classroom for at least two to three hours a day. They are considered a “full-time student.” Now, there are some people who go to school, then still manage to work a full time job. I find it incredibly impressive because I cannot even imagine having a job, doing my homework and being involved in my social activities. It would seem nearly impossible. The people who are fully supporting themselves, in my opinion, are considered adults.

So, if you are like me and you feel like you are stuck between being a child and an adult, do not worry. I am sure the day will come where we are standing on our own two feet, paying our bills and going to work for 40+ hours. It is a weird place to be stuck in, but I am just trying to enjoy it for as long as I can because as soon as I become a real adult, I will not get as many fun experiences as I do now.