Bernie vs. Warren

Samuel Ogali , Courier Staff

Both Democratic presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are currently embroiled in a “feud” over Sanders allegedly telling Warren that a woman could not be elected president in late 2018.

I, for one, think this so called “feud” is very unproductive given the fact that both candidates have very similar policy proposals and would be formidable opponents towards Donald Trump, but these nasty politics are just shameful.

Earlier this week, a story reported by CNN claimed that Sanders told Warren that a woman could not win in 2020. Warren further escalated tensions by claiming that Sanders’ campaign was “trashing” her behind the scenes. Sanders only responded by claiming that such remarks were never said and considered Warren to be his friend.

I don’t believe Warren because the thought of Sanders saying such a thing just doesn’t make sense. Sanders himself encouraged Warren to run for president in the 2016 election, only for her to decline allowing him to run himself. There’s even footage of Sanders from the late 1980s claiming that he thought a woman could be elected president. I think what Warren is doing is dirty and very vidicative; portraying someone like Sanders in such a manner is just wrong.

The most shady part of this whole feud is the fact that after the CNN debate on Tuesday, where Sanders again denied ever telling Warren he said such remarks, Sanders offered a handshake but Warren refuted the gesture and accused him of calling her a liar on national TV. Sanders being non-confrontational just walked away. In all honesty, this action right here really left a sour taste in my mouth for Warren.

Warren has been known for lying or being disingenuous about the stories she has told. This was very prominent when she claimed to be Native American only to be proven wrong when she took a DNA test that showed her to be very white, even though she wrote she was an American Indian when she filled for the State Bar of Texas in the 1980s. Another story by Warren is when she claimed to be fired from her job as a teacher at 22 years old because she was pregnant, but an interview with her from 2007 has her claiming that she wanted to stay at home and be with her new family.

The inconsistencies with Warrens’ stories just don’t add up, and with this information in mind, I’m less likely to believe her over someone who is as consistent and honest as Sanders has been.

The fact that Warren’s campaigned leaked a conversion that took place more than a year ago just weeks before the Iowa caucus just seems very suspicious to me. Dirty politics like this doesn’t help the Democratic candidates but in all honestly just hurts them in the long run.