The Importance of building your resume

Jiana Barrera, Courier Staff

Being an active college student can be extremely stressful at times. Between the loads of schoolwork and the social life, students easily forget to get involved in on or off campus organizations. College is the perfect opportunity to build your resume, begin networking and build great connections for your future endeavors. Most college students are 18-23 years old. This is such an early age to determine or even know exactly what you want to do with your major after you graduate. It is crucial to start building your resume white in college because it not only looks good to employers, but allows students to learn leadership, teamwork and communication skills. These skills are important when getting a full time job because they are used very frequently and allow students to grow as better negotiations when solving problems in a company. It can sometimes be hard for students to get involved on or off campus due to work or school schedules or other priorities. However, I do think Western Illinois University gives students so many opportunities to build resumes. For instance, Greek life is a wonderful opportunity to not only meet new people and network, but hold leadership positions and enhance communication skills. All sororities and fraternities on campus hold their own philanthropy events, participate in community service activities and are involved on campus. Not only does this look fantastic on a resume, but it also allows students to give back to their community. Greek life also has so many leadership opportunities. Whether it is holding a position for the organization itself or going to leadership conferences, students in Greek life learn how to run an organization, work as a team player and recruit new members. Recruiting is a major take away from being in a Greek organization because it allows people to go outside of their comfort zone and experience new and different scenarios. This increases communication skills overall and would be beneficial when working for a company. Greek life is not the only way for students to build their resume. Western also offers numerous clubs that specify in students’ field or major. These organizations allow students to get better hands on experience by going on field trips to companies that share their job description and their day to day operations. This gives students a better understanding of what they’re going into and helps improve your resume by gaining more experience in the field. These major clubs allow students to gain better social skills because you’re forced to talk to new students and business professionals. Joining any organization when attending Western teaches students time management skills. This is probably the most important skill to add to a resume because in life, it can be hard to balance work with other priorities. Being involved in more than one thing on campus shows employers that the student has good time management and can handle a heavy workload. Building a strong and quality resume is very important for your first impression on an employer. Students attending Western are given countless amounts of opportunity to build and enhance their resume throughout their four years.