Be thankful for your college experience

Tyler Moseberry, Courier Staff

After Thanksgiving break, everyone is feeling the blues. Primarily because we are back in school to take finals after going back home and enjoying ourselves. Even so, we should be happy that we have survived the semester because enot everyone does make it to the end. Many of us celebrate Thanksgiving but not all of us admit something that we are thankful for.

I think that we don’t admit what we are thankful for not because we don’t appreciate anything, but because we overlook the things we should be thankful for. Sometimes it can be as simple as life or others in your life. While we are in school, life still goes on, but we are surrounded by a bubble to allow us to focus on our studies. Within this bubble, “life” bounces off of us because we aren’t always there in person to enjoy or deal with situations.

Once we go back home, the bubble bursts and sometimes we find out bad news and other times we find out good news. Whenever we get good news, we have to hold on to it tenaciously because life will eventually hit us with something we may not be prepared for. When the bad news hits us, we have to power through and get ourselves together.

Helping others or giving to others can help you. It can be in the form of physical or mental help. You can not always expect to be reciprocated for your kindness but it can make you feel better by helping someone else. Sharing the wealth figuratively or definitively will allow you to experience things with other people that you may not have if you were selfish or close-minded.

Life is like a rollercoaster; there will inevitably be a drop and there will always be an ascension. The trick is to understand that the drop may be long but it will eventually stop dropping. Positivity, appreciation and your reason for doing what you do in life is how you overcome the drops in life. Success is realized by those who are patient and continue to strive towards a bigger goal.

Pressure can consume you if you let it, which is why making time for yourself is imperative. The toughest lessons are learned through experience. Taking the advice of others and giving advice to others is often overlooked. Although it may not always be true, advice is meant to help others avoid a mistake that a person may have seen or experienced themselves. Almost like a real-life cheat code to avoid an obstacle.

Being thankful for the small things is important so you never take the good for granted. College will teach us how to learn, but also how to balance our lives through our highs and lows. That is why most people in and out of college implore incoming or current students to enjoy their time in college. Life never gets easier, and that is okay, just be thankful while life goes on.