Our modern architecture is lacking creativity

Cameron Dillefeld, Opinions Writer

The story of a city or a country can be described with the art surrounding it. Rome has ancient works that provide a backbone for its culture, Egypt has the pyramids, Paris has the Eiffel Tower and Chicago has the Willis Tower as their most notable sight. Each carries the essence of the place, yet every symbol does not accurately describe the ambiance of the location.

Way back when, when people were designing the architecture for cities, it took an artist to truly reflect how the times were and how the citizens wanted to be perceived. Buildings and sculptures took a long time to build because the people wanted their designs to last and possibly stand the test of time. Everything told a story and was interwoven beautifully.

Nowadays, buildings are designed in a hurry with dull metal and glass that show no true artistry. They are lacking in character and built for function, not form. When things are designed for function instead of form, it clearly shows. What could have been an amazing new building for the public, such as a library for the community, has now turned into a grey slab that matches all the other grey slab buildings which lack color and expression of humanity. The buildings look dull and lifeless, which in turn makes people reflect that feeling internally or externally.

Why bother going out and exploring the city when all the buildings look alike? Cinder block, glass or odd curvatures are normal in today’s age that does not truly reflect the times we are living in. People want their community to express who they are, and making every building a cardboard cutout of each other takes away people’s voices from now and long after they are gone. Each ancient city tells a story. What will ours be?