Blue’s Clues returns

Evan Williamson, Courier Staff

I’m going to admit that this article is hard for me to write because it’s my final one. What started out as an opportunity from Baylee Cochran (Brynteson) before the 2018 Spring semester continued on as a favor to her after she graduated. I was very blessed to be able to write for this paper and entertain you, the readers.

With me graduating, I want you to remember a simpler time when your goal in life was to help some guy and a variety of talking inanimate objects to figure out what a cartoon puppy wanted to do. Blue’s Clues was awesome, as were the characters and the lessons that were taught. I still remember the order of the nine planets (Pluto was a planet at the time).

Blue’s Clues premiered in 1996 in Nickelodeon’s preschool block. Nick Jr.’s Blue’s Clues was one of my go-to shows when I was younger, I even watch it now when it’s on. The characters are so loveable and you actually learn a lot. There is some comedy and every once in a while, drama (for kids). As I got older, it was fun to play off the show, meaning when Steve or Joe asks, “Will you help?” I say no, and they respond “great.” Well, the show that we all knew and loved returned earlier this month with new host, Josh (Steve and Joe’s cousin). I was able to watch an episode in my room the other day and it seemed very familiar. I have a weird memory where I remember things that aren’t really important, and if it involves a TV show or movie and I hear something familiar, I can quote it, and there were a few things that gave me a bit of Deja Vu. I didn’t really think anything of it, I chalked it up to just one episode being similar. Earlier this week, I saw another episode and I saw yet another thing that was very familiar. I will say this, though, the nostalgia in the first episode where we get to see Joe and Steve living their dreams, working at the present store and running their own detective agency, respectively, was really nice. It’s always good to see Steve again. I guess it’s nice that they modernized it a bit. The notebook now has a smartphone on the back of it, and the telephone that was on the side table drawer is gone. The mailbox is still there, but it appears that emails will replace letters. I do like how they show the host drawing the clues in their handy dandy notebook again; towards the end of Joe’s era, they drew themselves.

Pretty much all the episodes I’ve seen are virtual remakes with little changes here and there. The small alterations are nice, but to have the same exact episodes, clues and answers is just bad. Since they redid the vast majority of the animation, they surely could have changed it up a bit. If they do the “Birthday Candle Dance” for Blue’s Birthday party, I might lose it. Oh well, hopefully they will get more creative in the second season, and I hope for more cameos from Steve and Joe. You can watch Blue’s Clues and You on Nickelodeon and on Nick Jr.