Frozen 2 warms audience’s hearts

Tea Wheat, Entertainment Writer

I ran into many obstacles when trying to see the new film, even the weekend after opening weekend. All theatre’s within a 30-minute radius were sold out, or had only a couple of seats free scattered around the theatre, and the only theatre that seemed promising as far as getting a seat had no power. So, after a long search to find a theatre, I was finally able to see Frozen II once the theatre by my house regained power.

After seeing the film, I can completely understand why a nine year old would explain the movie as “harsh,” though I would rather use the words “dark” or “heavy” to explain the newest addition to the Frozen franchise. Frozen II introduced a new and enchanting storyline that was full of magic, love and adventure. Though, with this new mystical addition, there were also underlying storylines and messages that involved growing up, change, death, grief and acceptance of others. The film was empowering and exemplified that sometimes, what you are searching for in the world is yourself. Frozen II allows viewers to see all their favorite characters from Frozen in a new adventure and a new light, which was like a breath of fresh air as a viewer.

According to CNBC, “Disney’s ‘Frozen II’ catapulted to the top of the weekend box office with a $127 million opening-weekend haul in the United States. Internationally, the film sold $223 million in tickets, bringing its global total to $350 million for its first three days in theaters.” This film did very well in sales on opening weekend and continuing on into the next week as well. Though, the film’s reviews are not as positive as they may have been for the original film. The original film received a 90 percent rating by critics from Rotten Tomatoes, and the sequel has received a 76 percent from the same critics. While it is known that sequels never live up to the expectations the original movie sets, this film does a fine job at testing that. Critics at Rotten Tomatoes stated on their website that while “Frozen II can’t quite recapture the show stopping feel of its predecessor, it remains a dazzling adventure into the unknown.” While the critic score of Frozen II was particularly low, the audience rating was a 93 percent, which is quite high.

While Frozen II was not as upbeat, happy and positive as the original Frozen, I absolutely loved it. I really enjoyed the real-life messages that the movie contained, and the new magical storyline that was both mysterious and intriguing.The movie made me laugh and cry, and really opened my eyes to new things. Frozen II is a movie well worth the trouble of finding a theatre that has power and isn’t sold out, and I would go through the trouble of being able to see the film again in a heartbeat.