Take care of yourself before finals

Allison Young, Opinions editor

Thanksgiving is a time to give us college students a chance to relax and to have some home cooked food, but what no one talks about is how exhausting Thanksgiving break can be as well.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I am absolutely spent from traveling and staying up late with family. I know not everyone goes out of town, but some people do, and it can be a lot to take on. I did not get nearly as much sleep as I would have liked to, so I do not feel refreshed or as if I even had a break at all. If you are feeling the same way, then I may have a few solutions to get you back on track.

I was working on homework the whole time I was on break and I felt stressed out. I still have so much homework to do and it is not even finals week yet. These last two weeks of school are going to be a struggle and we all could use a little help to get by.

The most important thing you can do is to put yourself on a schedule. If you stick to a daily schedule and plan out your days to be productive, you are more likely to get more accomplished. But, there needs to be a few hours of relaxation time added to that schedule as well. If you do not allow yourself to have a break here and there, you are going to get burnt out even faster than usual. Getting enough sleep at night is also essential to getting through these next few stressful weeks.

On average, most college students probably get around five or six hours of sleep a night. Now, some people require less sleep than others, but when you are already struggling to keep up, I highly suggest that you start going to bed a little earlier than normal. If you start going to bed at the same time every night, your body is going to feel way healthier and you are going to be more productive. But, when I say go to bed, I do not mean going to your room and sitting on your phone for two hours or watching Netflix. I mean reading a book for fun for about 30 minutes, limiting your screen time and going to sleep. This is going to help your brain decompress from the long day and get a good night of sleep.

So, if you are like me and you did not really get a “break” during Thanksgiving, then by changing your routine you are going to be able to get back on schedule and not break down before finals week. It is especially important to take care of yourself to be successful. Take the time to change your habits so that you have the best ability to get good grades on all of your finals.