Jazz band throws stellar performance

Jelen Evans, Courier Staff

On Nov. 14, the jazz band at Western Illinois University performed a variety of jazz musical numbers inside of the College of Fine Arts and Communication Recital Hall. The concert started at 7:30 p.m. and ended around 8:15 p.m. At the beginning of the concert, the band performed a random musical number to grab the crowd’s attention before the director, Matt Hughes, came out to kick off the concert.

When Hughes walked out on the stage, he walked over to the stand and started conducting the band to start the first number that they performed which was entitled, “Take the A Train.” In this number, the texture was very thick because there were 17 musicians, which made the sound very broad and loud. The stage was set up with the saxophone players in the front row, the trumpet players behind them, the trombones following behind them and the rhythm section on the left side of the stage.

After the first selection, the director walked to the microphone to properly introduce all of the musicians that were playing in the concert for the night, in each section, before introducing the next selection that would be played.

The next selection was entitled “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat.” In this selection, the texture was also very thick. The timbre of it was very different. It started off with the bass player Brett Doughtery. He started off the song with a few beats that led to the other musicians playing along with him to kick the song off. After finishing that number, the next one that they played was entitled “Hatian Fight Song.” This selection was in between thick and thin as far as texture. The rhythm was sort of slow and then began to pick up. Sometimes the sound would be loud, turn quiet and then it would grow into a crescendo and become loud again.

Before finishing out the concert there was another selection that was played. This selection was entitled “I’ve got you under my skin.” In this song, the texture was extremely thick, there were several walking beats and there was a soloist. The soloist was Tiana Thakur, who also was playing the piano before this selection. Her voice was very unique and she was very expressive through the lyrics when she sang the song. The way the musicians backed her up gave it more of a jazz vibe than how it started out as.

Lastly, the band concluded the concert with another number that was not scheduled on the program to get everyone in a good mood, as they were coming to an end.