Take Thanksgiving as a break

Peyton Finnegan , Courier Staff

As the cold wintery months pass, students find themselves accumulating more and more stress.

Thanksgiving break is the perfect amount of time for students to take that break that they need to recollect all of the knowledge that they learned throughout the semester. In other words, it is the best opportunity for kids to mentally prepare themselves for one of the hardest times of the year: finals. Finals are two weeks after Thanksgiving break, and then right after the stressful amount of time consuming tests, there is a whole month off from school for Christmas break. In my opinion, Christmas break is the best time for students to wholesomely prepare themselves for the last semester of school before summer.

These breaks allow students, especially those that live far away or even in different countries, to spend actual quality time with their families. A lot of students around this time of year are very home sick and need these breaks from school just to have the mental capacity to continue on with their studies and keep a positive mindset.

Taking this break allows students to get jobs over break and save up money for the semester ahead as well as take classes that are only a couple short weeks if they need to catch up on credits. Not only that, but even the faculty and staff get to go home to their families and see their kids and spend that quality time with them for the holidays. Overall, these breaks are a stress reliever, a chance to hangout with friends and family and a typically relaxed environment. There’s not a lot of things to necessarily worry about during these holiday breaks besides the fact that the good food needs to be cooked on time.

Each student has a different way of spending their time on break, from taking classes and still doing homework to continuing to work their summer jobs. Junior McKenzie Hinrichsen, who is a nursing major, is going to spend her break working in an assisted living facility to save up money for when she comes back to school. “I am looking forward to spending time with my family for the holidays and being able to relax because nursing school is pretty hard,” Hinrichsen said. Most students can relate to this.

For the middle of the semester break, this is a great opportunity for families to spend time with their kids and grandkids and just relax. Family time, as well as mental health, is crucial to students away at college. Thanksgiving break allows students the opportunity to reconnect with their families and take the mental health break they so desperately need in order to come back to school better than ever.