Abraham announces repercussions after finalizing investigation

Marc Ramirez, News editor

On Tuesday, Nov. 12, the Division of Student Services and the University Counseling Center held an open forum to address a note holding racist implications that was found in a computer lab on the third floor of Currens Hall the day before. Yesterday, Interim President Martin Abraham sent out a follow up email regarding the investigation that took place in the days following the event.

“I would like to thank uTech and OPS personnel for their swift action in investigating this serious matter,” Abraham wrote in his email to the Western Illinois community. “An individual was identified and has been referred to Students Rights and Responsibilities (SSR) for behavior/conduct.”

According to Abraham, judicial referral was found to be the most appropriate course of action for the time being. The Student Rights and Responsibilities serves as the disciplinary body for the student population and will be conducting a thorough review and taking measures decided after the conclusion of the review.

During the open forum held in the University Union Grand Ballroom on Nov. 12, it was made very clear that students, faculty, staff and administration in attendance had no tolerance for the hate demonstrated in this act; and when caught, they wanted to see consequences taken and punishments instilled. It was also discussed that some students feel that racism is embedded in Macomb and that change needs to take place to better the university community as a whole.

“As I stated in a letter that day following the discovery of the night, hate has no home at WIU,” Abraham wrote in his email to the Western Illinois community. “Prejudice, bigotry and harassment are not tolerated.”