Disney announces timeline through 2023

Christopher Gibson, Courier Staff

Disney just made a major announcement. The studios just announced new movies for all the way through 2023.

The announcement included five additional Marvel films on top of two that fans already knew about, bringing the total to seven. However, Disney didn’t say what the five films were going to be. In addition to Marvel films, the studios announced that there will be 20 new untitled Fox films. This is a massive undertaking from the studios, both quantity-wise and time-wise.

This announcement comes within a week since the company released Disney+. It would be logical to assume that some of these films will be released on the streaming platform. Some of the titles that were released with their release dates included Mulan, The Eternals and West Side Story. Two of the films that were just mentioned will be remakes with Mulan being reimagined into a live action film. This is the latest of remakes into live action films that Disney has made over the past couple of years.

I’m excited for what Disney has in store. Starting off with the Marvel films, it looks to be jam packed in what is really a short time for the Marvel timeline. It was a smart move on Disney’s part to not say what films will be released when. As a Marvel fan, knowing when new movies will come out, but not which ones on those dates, helps to draw me in.

The movie timeline that they announced had a lot of intriguing options coming out for viewers, as well as some older films that are being remade. It’s nice seeing that while Disney may primarily be a children’s film company (as that is what their bread and butter has been), that they have films being released that will appeal to people of all ages.

This isn’t a new concept for Disney, who has often released a schedule of their upcoming works over the last couple of years. This has usually benefited the studios, as it helps to draw interest early on in the process of the films. This release is no different. Already, fans have taken to social media to try and theorize what some untitled films will be, as well as giving support for their personal favorites.