Student Government Association looks to bring bikeshare program

Marc Ramirez, News editor

The Student Government Association along with the Western Illinois University Sustainability Committee wanted to find a way to make the Western community more eco friendly. One way decided to attempt this was by trying to bring a bike share or scooter share company.

The group had John Langford from Spin Bikeshare Company speak to them via Zoom to discuss a potential campus partnership with the organization to make the campus more accessible as well as more alignment between Western and the Macomb community.

Langford spoke to the fact that many organizations have decided to pair with their company due to the responsibility and accurate their system is.

“We are primarily a smart scooter program but in the case Macomb we’ve been talking about a bike share program as well,” Langford said.

Spin Bikeshare is currently in 65 cities and now over 20 campuses. The company has recorded over 5 million rides, and according to Langford that number is quickly rising. Langford addressed safety concerns that were brought to the floor. Students voiced concerns on people riding scooters too fast in the campus mall and causing accidents or congestion in a highly populated area of campus. Langford responded by informing the group that the company along with university correspondence can restrict areas of ride as well as speed in certain zones across campus and the city.

It was also voiced that the town is afraid of having bikes or scooters scattered across the town square, which could become a safety concern for Macomb nightlife. Langford explained that the town square would likely be a no parking zone, meaning that they scooter wouldn’t timeout if left unattended and fees would still incur to deter people from leaving them in those areas.

The Student Government Association was informed that to use the scooter’s one would have to download the app and pair their debit card or credit card. After that it is an initial fee of typically $1 and the trip would cost 24 cents per minute. Langford expressed that it is a cheap and convenient way to get around campus.

However, it was expressed by members in attendance their fears of Macomb infrastructure not being able to handle this new technological advancement to the city. People shared that residents of Macomb sometimes dont salt or shovel their sidewalks and sometimes campus routes aren’t always plowed in a timely or efficient fashion which could potentially lead to accidents.

To learn more about the Spin Bikeshare company, reach out to a member of Student Government Association and express your comments, questions and concerns with them.