Western leader applications are live on Purple Post

Marc Ramirez, News editor

The air is brisk, the days are ending faster and the semester is winding to a close. But, the end of the semester is not all students should look forward to as the year comes to an end. Western Leader applications are now open, and students have all of Thanksgiving and Winter Break to apply.

For those who may not know, Western Leader is the official process of Western Illinois University for filling various leadership positions around campus. The positions that the Western Leader recruitment and selection process will include are admissions ambassadors, housing ambassadors, desk assistants, summer program assistant, Leatherneck Success Team, resident assistants, university Conduct Board Members and FYE peer mentors. All of these positions are extremely vital to the Western Illinois University community. These positions allow for students to make a difference and grow as leaders within the community at Western Illinois University.

The Western Leader process consists of two parts that are made simple, easy and fun for applicants to participate in. The first part of the process begins with an online application process, where students will upload their resume as well as their responses to a few short answer questions. Depending on the positions that one is applying for, there will be additional questions for students to respond to. Applicants will also provide references for the university to contact for further information. The second part of the Western Leader process includes an interview, which consists of both an individual and group interview process.

Katlynn Davis, one of the Western Leaders that is featured on this year’s posters. Davis shared her experience as a Western Leader, and what makes it so special to her to be a Western Leader and a Leatherneck.

“Being a Western Leader is so much more than just a job,” Davis said. “It helps you build connections that can help you in the future whether that’s landing your dream job or knowing you have learned applicable skills in customer service, a good work ethic and time management skills. I’ve also had the honor of meeting friends for a lifetime while working as a Western Leader. Western Leaders are people who strive to better the lives of those around them and to better themselves, while representing Western the best they can.”

Davis’s view of being a Western Leader is the same as countless people around campus. If you would like to learn more about the Western Leader process, make sure to reach out to any Western Leader on campus. This can be your Resident Assistant, a Desk Assistant or any other person in a position that the Western Leader application has to offer. Additionally, there will be a Western Leader information session on Dec. 3, 2019 where students will have the opportunity to learn more about all the various positions and talk with other Western Leaders.

If you are a difference maker, a doer and someone who wants to make an impact on this university, apply to be a Western Leader today! Applications can be found on Purple Post.