Bears should trade for former MVP Cam Newton

Josh Purnell, Courier Staff

Carolina Panthers place quarterback Cam Newton on the injury reserve list. The way it’s looking, this might be Newton’s last rodeo in Carolina.

After the 2019 season, Newton has one year left on his contract for $21.1 million. Carolina can save $19 million if they either cut or trade Newton. If the Panthers decide to deal him away, Newton expressed that he would be open to options and one of his options is the Chicago Bears.

The Bears have been struggling so far this season. The Bears stand third in the NFC North division with a 4-5 record. The Bears’ chances of making the playoffs don’t look too good. Truth be told, they could use a new quarterback. Mitchell Trubisky is the laughing stock of the NFL. So far this season, Trubisky has played in eight games. In those eight games, Trubisky has thrown for 1,390 yards, eight touchdowns and three interceptions. Bears’ offense is currently ranked 27th in the league and Trubisky’s ability to play the quarterback position has not been a big help. There are many areas you can point out: overthrowing his receiver, not moving in the pocket, not knowing how to read the defense, not knowing how to move the ball down the field. There is blame to be put on others like the head coach Matt Nagy, but Trubisky is the quarterback. It is Trubisky’s job to go out there and execute the play calls and score, and he has not been able to do that.

With that being said, the Bears need to move in a different direction. It is unfortunate that the Bears have one of the best defenses in the league and the only reason they are going to be held back from going to the playoffs, let alone a Super Bowl, is because of the most important position on the team. Trubisky has one year left on his contract and it has not yet been confirmed if the Bears are going to resign Trubisky. Sadly for Trubisky, Bears fans are over him. According to Beach Report, a Bears fan started a “GoFundMe” to buy out Trubisky’s contract. Bears fans are upset with Trubisky’s performance this year and they should be.

Last season, the Bears were a kick away from making it to the Divisional Round. This year, Bears fans were excited for the 2019 season, believing this year was the year the Bears were going to go to the Super Bowl, and the reality is that they might not even go to the playoffs. The Bears do not have a first-round pick for the 2020 NFL Draft. So, the only option they have is to sign a free agent quarterback or make some sort of trade. Newton has already expressed his willingness to play for the Bears. Newton is a three-time Pro Bowler, 2015 Most Valuable Player and 2015 Offensive Player of the Year. Newton has led the Panthers to playoffs four times in his nine-year career with the Carolina Panthers. Although he has had many injuries in the past and is currently injured right now, Newton is still valuable in this league. Also, Nagy could be the coach that can turn Newton’s career around. A fresh start for Newton is what he needs and a fresh start in Chicago could be a good idea for Newton. With his playing ability and Chicago defense, this team has the chance to not only make it to the playoffs, but also make a run to the Super Bowl.

Bears fans have suffered too long because the quarterback position has never been solidified. The Bears haven’t had a franchise quarterback since Sid Luckman. Sure enough, no one knows who Luckman is unless you know your NFL history. Bears fans are hoping for a franchise quarterback someday; players like Brady, Rodger, Wilson or Roethlisberger being the possibilities. They may not find that franchise quarterback now, but Newton could be the answer to a struggling offense. Will the Bears trade for Newton?