Campus parking is absurd

Peyton Finnegan, Courier Staff

One of the worst feelings a college student that drives to class can face is walking to their car to find a parking ticket under the windshield wiper. I personally have experienced this more times than I would like to admit, and it absolutely ruins my three and a half minute drive home. There was one instance in which I literally walked up to my car as the guy was writing the ticket, and he still gave it to me. Does the university really need $5 that desperately? I mean come on. The most irritating aspect to me is that we pay to go here. We spend thousands of dollars to attend the university, and free parking is not included. In addition to free parking not being included, the passes purchased by the students limit you as to where you are allowed to park. While there are many different lots that correlate to each parking pass throughout the campus, sometimes the location of the lots are not the most convenient.

Receiving a parking ticket is just another way for the school to make a quick buck off of students running late to class or students that are too lazy to walk the extra two minutes from where they are permitted to park. Depending on where you park, the fines can range from $5 to $65. I am blessed to say that I personally have yet to be slapped with a $65 ticket. However, I do know people that have received one, and if that were me, I would be making a scene in the Office of Public Safety. I understand that there needs to be some kind of regulations when it comes to parking, but I do think the system that is used now is entirely out of whack. For instance, faculty members getting preferential parking is absolutely trash. Why should they, professors who get paid by our tuition dollars, receive better parking than us? When I was hired at my job, we were told to park at the furthest edge of the lot, because the paying customers should get the best spots. I do not understand why that same logic is not applied here. I understand that they are respected professors, but they are paid to be here, we are not. Taking into consideration the money that we pay to attend this university, one would think that we should get preferential parking lots.

A solution to this problem would be to offer a range of prices depending on the convenience of the parking area. This would allow students to choose their own parking preference, while simultaneously eliminating a decent amount of illegal parking offenders. Another option is to eliminate faculty parking in general; we should not be encouraging the notion that they are more deserving of special treatment. The students that attend school here ultimately pay their salaries and are just as deserving of the option to have a decent parking space. While faculty members should not have to pay for a parking pass, they should not expect to have the most convenient parking either.