Sleep is better than caffeine

Tyler Moseberry, Courier Staff

As we continue our daily routines, it is inevitable that we stay up later than we previously intended. This can mean that we won’t get adequate sleep. Since most of us can’t or won’t sleep in, people tend to rely on caffeine, usually in the form of coffee. This form of caffeine, just like others, is usually not as efficient as just getting adequate sleep.

Some people have a routine, they wake up and they “need” coffee, which is why when they do not have coffee they become very inefficient. This dependency has a negative effect on people which is why having caffeine is not good for you, especially in high dosages.

Coffee can cause someone to be addicted to caffine and that is why coffee shops are so popular and prominent in our society. They “help” you start the day and give you a boost but the coffee is only that, a boost, so once that boost goes away, you need another one.

Not to mention that all of this caffeine costs money, so your wallet suffers as well and nobody needs extra expenses. Sleep is the answer. Your body naturally recharges and repairs itself while you’re asleep, which is why we get sleepy, it is our body yearning for repair.

Whether you are exercising your brain or your body, it is imperative to get adequate rest. The body will use that down time to connect thoughts together or to give the body the physical repair to your muscles.

When you wake up, you may feel a little groggy which may incite you to get a coffee, but are you only drinking coffee? What happened to breakfast or a long hot shower? All of the things that slowly help you wake up are being put into a cup.

It may seem as though that is better in the short term, but you will see the effects of this quick method over time. Slow and steady is the way to go. That instant gratification will catch up with your body in the form of sluggish behavior more severely without the caffeine.

Now what happens when it seems like there is no choice? You woke up late and you have to perform at a certain time. There is no time to take the slow route. Well then, in that instance, you have to take the shortcut. The problem is it is only a shortcut and there are no shortcuts in life.

If you continue to take shortcuts, you will fall short of your goals and those shortcuts will catch up with you, it is inevitable. Fix your routine so you don’t miss the alarm clock and fix your idea of the instant gratification.

Having a balanced schedule will allow you to do more because you have committed yourself to the tasks you laid out. So when they don’t get done, you only have yourself to blame. Don’t take the shortcut or you will be cut short of your goals.