“Living With Yourself” explores self concept

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

The show follows Miles Elliot, who lives an ordinary life. Elliot goes to work early and returns late, but it isn’t long before viewers can tell that he is not living a very happy life at all, he is having issues at his job and him and his wife are struggling to have children.

Elliot appears to be depressed and like he has lost all hope. It is one day after he is supposed to give a pitch, that he did not have prepared at all, that he noticed how perfect his co-worker Dan appears to be. Later that day, Dan explains to Elliot that he had gone to a spa and that ever since then, he feels like a new man, like the better version of himself. Dan explains how you can only go to the spa if a past customer has recommended you, so he gives Elliot the information and urges him to go to the spa.

Elliot, after returning home on this awful day, begins to think more and more about the card that his coworker had given him. Elliot decides to call the spa and is met with a very sharp voice on the other end of the phone telling him the price for the spa treatment and where it is located. Elliot, going out on a limb, pulls out his entire life savings and goes to the spa. From the outside, the spa appears very gross and run-down, but on the inside, it is extremely high-tech and beautiful. He gives the men at the spa his money and begins his treatment. As the treatment is beginning, the two men begin to argue and fiddle with what appears to be a laughing gas tank, but soon Elliot is asleep.

He then wakes up wrapped in saran wrap and buried in the ground. Somehow, he manages to dig himself out of the ground and out of the wrap. Elliot is naked wearing nothing but a diaper, but he begins to run through the forest where he woke up. He runs all the way to his house, barefoot and naked. When Elliot arrives at his home, he notices that something is not right, he grabs a bat and continues. He is then met at the bottom of the stairs by another Elliot. He is standing face to face with himself. The two go out into the garage and have a talk, and upon neither of them understanding the situation they agree to return to the spa.

Upon returning to the spa, it is made known to Elliot that the Spa treatment he paid over $20,000 to be cloned. The men at the spa had made a clone of the new Miles, including replacing all memories and knowledge the old Elliot had, and then had attempted to kill the old Elliot, which clearly did not work.

The rest of the series follows the two men on their journey of living with themselves.

This show has been well received by those who have watched it, receiving an 84 percent rating by the critic’s Rotten Tomatoes. According to Rotten Tomatoes, “Living with Yourself takes a minute to come together, but once it does it proves to be a clever rumination on identity driven by Paul Rudd’s impressive dueling performances”.