The social impact of AirPods

Peyton Finnegan, Courier Staff

Clout is defined as influence or power, especially in relation to business or politics. Recently, clout has taken on another form: monetary value and social status.

The lengths that some people will go to in order to gain clout is embarrassing. In recent years, Apple has introduced “AirPods,” which is a wireless bluetooth headphone set that allows you to make calls and listen to music without any type of cords attached to either the phone or the headphones themselves. While the intended purpose of AirPods is to listen to music without the inconvenience of getting tangled in the cords, younger generations utilize the technology for the sole purpose of proving that they can afford it. Apple is using the fact that our generation is so focused on having the next best thing before anyone else does as a way to entice the public to buy their product. Our generation has become so materialistic, and “AirPods” are the perfect example of the effect that they desire to appear wealthy has on people.

While it is socially encouraged to wear them in public, some people do not understand that there is a time and a place to wear them. An example of a bad time people wear them is while in a restaurant or out at a bar. I have seen people walking around at the bar with “AirPods” in. Is the music not good enough for you here and who are you trying to impress? People who do this look like fools. Walking to classes, working out or studying at the library are perfectly acceptable times and locations to use them. I think some people just get too carried away with trying to impress others, or maybe it is simply a fast fading trend to wear them in circumstances that do not warrant headphones. Either way, if you do this please knock it off, you look foolish.

Apple’s “AirPods” have such an impact on our generation that companies create and sell affordable knockoffs that look almost identical to the originals. Some foreign companies have gone as far as to make fake “AirPods” that do not even work. The British company ASOS, an online clothing store, literally sells a piece of metal that vaguely resembles an AirPod to consumers. Here is the kicker: it is a best seller! How absolutely insane is that? People will spend money on fake products just to create the illusion that they have a large amount of disposable income. I cannot begin to comprehend where people would even wear the fake “AirPods” that don’t even work.

The lengths that some people will go to just to portray that they have money is ridiculous, and it just further exemplifies the notion that our current society has become extremely materialistic in comparison to past generations. Basically, people really will do anything for clout.