The Vitamin Lady looks for buyer


Devon Greene

The Vitamin Lady’s business has been open since 1979

Devon Greene, editor-in-chief

The Vitamin Lady is closing her doors at the end of November unless she finds a buyer by the end of the month.

Cindy Mitchell has owned the 18 West Side Square residence since 1979 and has been a staple of the downtown community. Mitchell announced on Facebook on Nov. 5 that the business is available for purchase.

“Vitamin Lady store is for sale. If anyone out there is interested, please come in and talk with me so I don’t have to close the doors,” the post read.

In the same post, Mitchell announced that she had a potential buyer, but they could not receive the necessary loan from the bank in order to purchase the store. Mitchell is still looking for buyers so she does not have to close the doors.

Mitchell has announced sales on Facebook on merchandise including 35 percent off on all salt lamps, clothing, food/tea items, all supplements, African baskets, gift baskets, essential oils, jewelry, crystal wind chimes, beauty products, laundry soaps, tarot cards and all gift items.

The Vitamin Lady’s last day on the square will be Nov. 27.