Have you had your emissions checked?

Jimmy Pierson, Courier Staff

Recently, I was ordered to get an emissions test on my Subaru Outback. I could not get my license plate sticker renewed before completing this process. But, there were three major problems to this government stated demand: information, locationand need.

To start, the first problem was that the formal address of the demand was sent to my address back home. My parents had to inform me of completing the order from the Illinois government by calling me and telling me to do so. The addition ‘bonus’ was that I needed to complete this before I was able to reregister my car for the year and get a new sticker. Even if the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) was informed of my change of address to Macomb from Gurnee, IL, they still did not send me the necessary information I needed to do so.

After my parents informed me of the future pain that would become my problem, it was time to find a location near me that serviced this problem; but, fun fact, there is no place within a 220.1 mileage (Macomb to Naperville) range for me to do so. I called every single service automobile company within the Macomb limits to see if they were qualified or had the tools to fulfill what I needed, but ‘shockingly’ they did not. I needed to drive over three hours back home to complete this government ordered task.

Finally, I am trying to understand why I needed to do this. This comes from telling my friends, co-workers and other people about the fact I needed to drive home for a day to complete this. Everyone was confused about this. Multiple times I was asked, “What is that?” or “I have driven for so many years and never needed to do that? Why do you have to do something like that?”

The reasoning comes from where my car is registered. I originally live within the northern part of the Chicagoland area, about 45 minutes from the city center. Because there is around 2.5 million within the city plus the over then 1 million with around the region, there is a growing need to make sure the air is clean enough for people to breathe. I totally support this demand, but do not believe that I need to follow this when I live most of the time outside of this area.

When there are people within the Macomb community that have never completed this government demand task, then why should I? Why do I need to complete a service demanded from our government where no one from here has needed to do the same thing?

Around here we do not have the populous where car emissions are an air problem, but people who are from the Chicagoland area need to? If we inform the DMV of these actions of being moved into a region that does not have the same rules for more than half the year, why do we have to be a victim of this? Or simplify, why does Macomb not have these services for us? When will this be brought up? When will people understand this? When will this change?