“Jumanji” comes back to the big screen

Evan Williamson, Courier Staff

This past summer, a movie trailer was released for a sequel to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

On Halloween, they released a final trailer for it and I will admit, I have mixed feelings about it so let’s break it down.

The trailer starts with the video game version of the characters in a desert, and the thing I like about how this trailer begins is you can’t really tell yet that things are going to be different. We are then introduced to a couple new characters Danny DeVito and Danny Glover. It’s good to see that the main cast from the first sequel of Jumanji are still friends. Somehow the video game Jumanji found its way back in to their hands and Spencer (the main character from the previous movie) has been sucked into the game.

They get sucked into the game and hilarity ensues as a few of the characters are put into different video game avatars than previously. DeVito is The Rock’s character and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson appears to play DeVito’s character perfectly. Fridge is now in Jack Black’s body, which I guess is fine. They kind of milked all the jokes about a girl being in Black’s body and a tall guy being a short guy, so this could be an interesting change. Glover is playing Kevin Hart’s character and you know Hart and The Rock work well together, so you know it will be comedy gold. We find out that Spencer (who had gone into the game earlier) and Bethany (who went in with the rest of the group) are missing. We then get another funny trope that we saw in the previous film where a character is talking then gets randomly eaten by a creature; this time it happened to be an anaconda.

Right away we see that this film appears to be more in depth than the previous as they are in more than just the jungle; we also see a snowy world and a desert. We then get another hilarious dialogue between Hart (Glover’s character) and The Rock (DeVito’s character), “I haven’t looked like this since. Never you looked like this never.” “I think my eyes are a different color.” “All of you is a different color.” A funny thing about this movie and the previous film is the strengths and weaknesses of each character which leads to even more laughs. This movie looks like it will be action packed as it transitions to reveal that Bethany became a horse. At the end of the trailer, Bethany somehow returns to Black’s body.

It’s always hard to judge how good a movie is going to be based on a trailer, but the previous one was so good with action and comedy and this one seems no different with a star-studded cast of DeVito, Glover, Black, Johnson, Hart and Karen Gillian (Doctor Who, Marvel Cinematic Universe). Jumanji: Next Level will be released on Dec. 13, which could make for a great movie to unwind from the stress of finals.